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Frequently asked questions

How do I book a chair?

Easy - just make a booking through the Timely account we’ve set up for you or through the booking link on our social media platforms.


You can pick a specific chair and book it for whichever days (or hours) you’d like. And if you want to book a slot for the same days each week, that’s easily done through Timely - simply let us know in the comment section that you’d like to make this a recurring booking.


Once you’ve booked a chair through Timely, your booking is pencilled in. We’ll be in touch via email within 24 hours to confirm your booking. If the chair has already been booked, we’ll get in touch with some other options for you.


When your chair booking has been confirmed, just update the available booking slots in your personal Timely calendar and your clients will be able to book an appointment with you.


If you need to cancel, you can do so through your Timely account by managing your bookings.


All chairs are available on a first-come, first-served basis. We can’t guarantee a chair will always be reserved for you unless this has been discussed and agreed upon.

How do I pay my chair fees?

You can pay for your chair through Timely, choosing between two options:

1 Pay in full when booking a chair

2.Pay a deposit when booking a chair and pay the balance at the end of the day you’ve booked

Alternatively, you can pay your fees through our salon EFTPOS terminal. Unfortunately, we can’t accept payments from clients on your behalf through this terminal - it is for member payments only.

If you’d prefer to set up another payment method (e.g. a weekly, fortnightly or monthly invoice), just have chat with us and we can sort this out for you. We’re aiming to be a cashless business, so we may not be able to take cash, but please talk to us if you’d like to pay in cash and we’ll see what we can do.

Will I be charged if I need to cancel my chair booking at the last minute?

If you want to cancel your chair booking, please aim to give us at least 48 hours’ notice so we can let other members know that a chair is free and give your space to someone else. If you need to cancel within 48 hours of your booking, you’ll be charged the full booking fee.

What if my booking goes over?

When booking hourly rates, a 15-minute time slot will automatically be applied to the chair before and after your booking. This is to allow for any service overtime and for members to clean their station so it’s ready for the next member.


If you’re running late and go over this time slot when another member has booked the chair, a $30 late fee will be charged for every 15 minutes you are over. If the chair doesn’t have another member booked in after you, you’ll be charged at the standard rate of $30 per hour.

How will my clients pay?

All client[1]  payments can be processed through Timely, which makes everything incredibly easy for both you and your clients. Here’s how it works:

1.     Set up TimelyPay in your Timely account

2.     Enable card capture in your account - this will require clients to save their credit card details and agree to your cancellation policy when booking an appointment with you

3.     When you finish your client’s service and they’re ready to leave the salon, just create an invoice and they can confirm the payment right there and then on their phone – this works in a similar way to Uber


You can also opt to charge clients a deposit (or the full payment) when they make a booking, which tends to minimise cancellations.


Alternatively, we are more than happy for you to offer EFTPOS or cash sales at your workstation - you’ll just need to sort out a POS device with your bank if you’d like to offer EFTPOS. Unfortunately, we can’t take client payments on your behalf through our EFTPOS terminal.

Can I charge my clients for last-minute cancellations and no-shows?

Yes, you certainly can. We suggest taking a deposit for each appointment through Timely, as this tends to reduce the number of no-shows and cancellations (and offers your business some protection when a client doesn’t turn up).


You can then retain the deposit as a cancellation fee if you’d like, as long as this is stated in your cancellation policy on Timely.

Can clients walk in and make an appointment on the spot?

Absolutely! People are welcome to pop in and have a chat with our reception team anytime. We’ll explain how Métier works and direct them to our website to make a booking, which they can do in the comfort of our waiting area if they’d like.


Alternatively, our receptionist can contact you by phone and make a booking for walk-in clients on the spot. But we can’t book an appointment through Timely on behalf of your clients, as we don’t have full access to your calendar, so you will need to pencil this into your own calendar.

Is it easy to find a car park near the salon?

Is it easy to find a car park near the salon?


We don’t have parking for members or clients, but there’s plenty of off-street parking around the salon. Parking is either free or meter paid, depending on the time and day.


We would suggest downloading Parkable, a free app that gives you access to several car parks nearby for as little as $2 per hour. Long-term leases are also available through Parkable.


Can I sell products to my clients while working at Métier?

Yes, of course! We are a brand-neutral salon, so you’re more than welcome to use and sell whatever brands you like. Davroe shampoo and conditioner are available for members to use in the salon (this is included within our fixed price) and they have some great packages available to members for retail sale.

Can I have a junior stylist come in and help me?

We’re certainly not opposed to junior stylists assisting members in the salon, but it may require additional fees and will depend on how the other members feel - we want to make sure everyone has enough space to work comfortably. Come have a chat with us in person and we can nut out the details.

How will Métier manage COVID-19 restrictions?

Timely have created a COVID-19 form within the system using the consult add on, so you can ask your clients to take health and safety precautions when booking an appointment. To enable this feature, you just need to link your Timely account to the ‘Consult’ add-on and select the COVID-19 form in the formlibrary. This will then be sent automatically after a booking is made. This add-on is included in our fixed pricing.

In addition, all appointments will be recorded within your Timely account, which helps with contact tracing if any of your clients forget to sign in when they arrive at the salon.

Hand sanitiser and disposable masks are available in the waiting area for members and their clients to use as needed.

If necessary (due to a COVID-19 resurgence), we will still be able to operate at level 2, we’ll reduce the number of chairs available so that members and their clients can keep their distance within the salon. And of course, we’ll implement policies in line with any restrictions in place.